ExDirect Brings New Life to Your Products

ExDirect's Showcase Series of explosion-proof instrument housings are specifically designed for electronic OEMs who want their product housed in a modern, sleek, and practical housing. After all, the first thing a customer notices about an explosion-proof product is the instrument enclosure: why not use one that makes your product shine? Whether you use an ExDirect Showcase explosion-proof instrument enclosure to bring new life and excitement to an existing product or on a new design, your customers will notice the difference!

Showcase Series Enclosures

Showcase instrument enclosures are available in three sizes: small (Cardinal), medium (Hawk), and large (Condor). All explosion-proof instrument enclosures feature popular US, Canadian, and worldwide hazardous area approvals. They feature a screw down cover with either a window optimized for wide viewing angle or a solid front. Our Hawk instrument enclosure is also available in plastic, making it simple to produce and market your product for both hazardous and safe areas. No matter your instrument housing requirements, ExDirect is sure to have a solution to meet your needs.

Why You Should Use Showcase Enclosures

Condor Enclosure Front
  • The windows in ExDirect exp-proof instrument enclosures have been optimized for viewing angle and maximum diameter. This makes it easy for customers to see the display and for you to use the biggest display possible.
  • ExDirect explosion-proof instrument enclosures are available in epoxy coated, die-cast aluminum, with and without windows. 2" mounting flanges are standard on all instrument enclosures. The Hawk is also available in a non-explosion-proof plastic variety.
  • Hawk instrument enclosures (both aluminum and plastic) are available with an electronics housing insert for convenient mounting of electronics. It mounts to cast rails on the inside of the instrument enclosures so there is no need for costly and unwieldy stand-offs. It is also designed to mount as close to the glass as possible to optimize viewing angle.
  • ExDirect explosion-proof instrument enclosures can be used in hazardous areas around the world, with popular approvals common in the US, Canada, Europe, and elsewhere.
  • Screw down covers and external mounting flanges make it easy for your customers to access electronics and mount enclosures.
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Make Your Product Stand Out from the Crowd!

Electronics Housing Insert Available

Electronics Housing Insert Available for Hawk Hazardous and Safe Area Enclosures

Three Models Available to House Any Product

Three Sizes Available to House Any Hazardous Area Product

Glass Window or Solid Front Covers

Glass Window or Solid Front Covers for XP Instrument Enclosures