Hawk Explosion-Proof Enclosure

Hawk Explosion-Proof Enclosure

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Housing Insert Hawk Glass or Solid Front Hawk Enclosure Vertical View

The Hawk is ExDirect’s midsized explosion-proof instrument enclosure which features an optional electronics housing. Four internal cast rails with drilled and tapped holes are specially designed for this plastic insert. The bottom of the instrument enclosure also features four drilled and tapped holes for mounting a field wiring printed circuit board. The pipe or wall mounting holes on the flanges come standard.


Material: Copper free aluminum
Surface Finish: Epoxy coated for aluminum
Casting Method: Die cast (smoother, more uniform finish than sand casting)
Ground Screws: Internal and external
Cover Set Screw: Tamper resistant cover set screw for extra safety
Weight: 5 lbs (2.27 kg)
Patent No.: US 8,227,692
Window Size: 3.35" [85.0mm] diameter
External Mounting Holes: Two 0.33" [8.4mm]
Side Conduit Connections (T2): Two ½" NPT, ¾" NPT, M20 × 1.5P, ½" BSP, or none
Top Conduit Connection (T1): One ½" NPT, ¾" NPT, M20 × 1.5P, or none
Stopping Plugs: Shipped with one ATEX approved stopping plug installed


ExDirect explosion-proof instrument enclosures can be used in hazardous areas around the world, with popular approvals common in the US, Canada, Europe, and elsewhere. Contact ExDirect to discuss the specific agency approval needs, such as Class, Division, Zone, and preferred agency; and for the appropriate agency certification documents. In addition to hazardous area approvals, all enclosures are also Type 4X/IP 66 or IP68.

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Custom Electronics Housings Available

The custom electronics housing for our Hawk instrument enclosures provides a reliable and extremely accurate method for mounting your electronics. Hawk explosion-proof instrument enclosures feature four internal cast rails with drilled and tapped holes which are specially designed for the EC1896 plastic electronics housing insert. The insert will house an LCD and a printed circuit board and can be rotated to one of four 90 degree positions. It is specially designed so that the display will get as close to the glass as possible, thus providing an optimal viewing angle.

This electronics housing insert also fits into the Plastic Hawk instrument enclosure, which means that you can market to both hazardous and safe areas with the same product design.


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